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Administer or Refer?

Administer or Refer

Should I Administer the Test Myself

or Refer to Another Provider?

If you are a health care provider, you have the option of administering IBS-80 yourself or referring out to a provider who routinely administers patch testing—dermatologists and allergists. 


If you would like to add patch testing to the services you offer, it is a skill that can be learned relatively quickly and easily.  Everything you need to know – including videos and written instructions – is found on our How to Administer section.  We are also available for education by telephone  or video conference.


If you are a dermatologist or allergist and do generally not treat IBS patients, you can now provide an essential service for these patients. Upon completion of the patch testing, counsel the patients to avoid the foods identified by the testing and send them back to their regular IBS provider along with the results of their testing.


All providers: If you would like to be listed on our Find a Provider portal as a medical provider who administers IBS-80, please contact us and Get Listed!  

How to Administer and Patient Counseling

Order and Councling

Testing with IBS-80 can be a valuable service to your patients. Here's everything you need to facilitate the testing in your practice and self-train, including videos and written instructions. And we can always walk you through the process by phone, or you can schedule a video conference.

Need a Walk-Through?

No Problem, Just Reach Out!

How to Administer IBS-80 Patch Testing 


Order Fulfillment and Logistics

ORder Niow

IBS-80 Tests are ordered by prescription for specific patients and purchased directly from our pharmacist.


To order, download and fill in the below prescription form and fax to us. Please submit the prescription at least ten (10) days in advance of the patient’s appointment date for patch test application to allow adequate time for the pharmacy to prepare and ship the patches. Some providers ask patients to pay for the patch test materials or provide credit card information when ordered, in advance of the actual testing.

How soon must the patches be used?

Upon receipt, store the patches under refrigeration until the morning of use. Apply patches to the patient within ten days of receipt by your office.   


What are quality control processes in place?

Our pharmacist complies with all quality assurance requirements of the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacists.


How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

All orders will ship within seven days of receipt of the prescription. The patches should be refrigerated upon arrival and used within ten days. We must receive your patient-named prescription via fax or telephone at least ten days in advance of the scheduled date of application on the patient. 

What Allergens are in the Test?

Allergen List
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