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IBS-80 is our exclusive, patented, and painless skin patch testing procedure that detects specific food/additive allergies that may be causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome in your patients.

It's now available by prescription for you to offer patients in your office!

Pre-populated and ready for application.

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Michael Stierstorfer, M.D., developer of IBS-80, quickly explains IBS-80, the skin patch test process, and its benefits. (<2 minutes)

Michael Stierstorfer, M.D., medical director of IBS-80, LLC, is a board-certified dermatologist in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. He is the pioneer of the usefulness of food patch testing for irritable bowel syndrome and developer of IBS-80. 


Review detailed information about IBS-80

and how you can test in your office

Why IBS-80

Manav Segal, M.D., is an allergist in Philadelphia who offers

IBS-80, the IBS Skin Patch Test, at his practice. (<1 min)

 "IBS-80 gives me the ability to offer my patients a solution to their IBS struggles. Offering this specific test in my office is bringing in new patients, additional revenue, and is helping me stand out in an extremely competitive market."

Expand your practice's reach in your market! There is no fee to get listed as an

IBS-80 Provider. 


What Patients Are Saying

"This is a life-changer. I thought the daily discomfort was normal."

 - Deborah D. / 42 years old


Traditional IBS dietary management often calls for patients to cut

large food groups from their diet, like dairy, gluten, and FOD-MAP. But sometimes, it's just one or a few foods that cause your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

IBS-80 uses skin patch testing to identify food allergies associated

with your IBS. With the testing, you can avoid just the foods that may be causing your symptoms. Not only can you get your everyday life back, but you can also enjoy a more extensive range of foods.

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