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Help Patients with IBS and Grow Your Practice

50% of people with IBS say that foods aggravate their symptoms. But there’s a problem. Traditional skin prick and blood tests—testing for antibody-based Type 1 and Type 3 food allergies—have never been proven helpful for IBS. For this reason, food allergy testing for IBS is generally not recommended. Now we know why. Like a dog barking up the wrong tree, these tests look for the wrong type of allergies. Our breakthrough solution is the IBS-80 patch test, which tests 80 foods for Type 4 T lymphocyte-mediated allergies.

The theory, supported by findings from three medical studies (Study 1, Study 2, Study 3), is that foods that cause positive patch test reactions on the skin may do the same in the intestine and trigger IBS symptoms.

Relief for your Patients

When the test identifies allergic reactions, you’ll counsel the patient to avoid those particular foods. Clinical studies show that more than 50% of patients experience significant symptom relief, and over 30% are nearly or completely clear of symptoms.


Patient Benefits

  • No needles!

  • Diversity of diet. Pinpoint food allergens instead of eliminating entire groups of foods.

  • Relief without medications.


Build your Practice

Use IBS-80 to help patients and build your practice. The testing requires three or four office visits. You determine the fees for administering the test.

IBS-80 is starting a marketing campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area and Philadelphia area. Patients will be directed to you if you are a provider in one of those areas. Marketing will eventually expand nationally.


Full Support from IBS-80

IBS-80 will provide training for all aspects of administering the test as needed and educational materials for patients.

Free Marketing Assets

We will send you free posters for your office along with free CUSTOMIZED social media content to post about IBS-80 in your practice.  Designs and content are frequently updated, please see the Media Assets for Providers Page for current samples!!

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