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A year after being diagnosed with IBS, I made a breakthrough observation when I connected my IBS symptoms to garlic ingestion. I investigated by performing a patch test with garlic on myself and found that my allergy to garlic was detectable by this test. I then removed this single food from my diet and was able to completely stop my IBS symptoms.


I discovered that the allergies detected by patch testing can cause IBS symptoms. The allergies detected by patch testing are completely different from the allergies detected by skin prick tests and by commonly ordered antibody blood tests. These latter tests have generally been determined not to be helpful for IBS. The IBS-80 patch test tests for allergies to 80 common foods and food additives that may cause IBS.


I don't want to get too far into the weeds here, but if you're interested, here's how IBS-80 came about. 

Once I realized the connection between garlic and my IBS symptoms, I dug in deeper, investigating with three scientific studies (Study 1, Study 2, Study 3) showing that many other food allergies detectable by patch testing also cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Foods used in the studies are now the backbone of the IBS-80 patch test. The theory is that an allergic reaction similar to that in the skin caused by the food(s) used in the patch tests also occurs in the intestinal lining after ingestion of the same food(s), triggering the IBS symptoms.


Our patented proprietary test allows many patients to exit the trial and error game

and zero in on the root causes of their symptoms — and eliminate them from their diet.


Explore this website to learn more about how IBS-80 works and the testing procedure.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated IBS-80 for safety or effectiveness.

Watch My Story

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My Path To Discovery

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Would you like to read more about my studies of IBS & Allergic Contact Enteritis?

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"We had all the tests done (on my daughter) - endoscopy, colonoscopy, allergy testing. Everything came back negative. They told me that it would just take time to figure it out. No one had an answer for me. No diets worked. Nothing I eliminated seemed to keep my daughter well for very long. Dr. Stierstorfer took the time to contact me directly and tell me what makes his test different. When the results came back, I could finally connect the dots. They found the needle in our haystack and the answer to our problem. It wasn't the gluten but the bleaching agent used in flour and a natural substance in carrots, celery, and parsley.  She has not had one IBS symptom. Not even a stomach ache. I simply removed the few things from her diet that had come up positive."

—    K.S., mother of an 11-year-old patient

"If I avoid … red food dye, I don't experience the pain and diarrhea from IBS! I'm a happy girl!"

—    M.E., a 29-year-old woman

"This is a life-changer. I thought the daily discomfort was normal."

—    D.D., a 42-year-old woman


Watch my IBS-80 Success Story


"I have had one month of normal bowel habits … for the first in a long time. I am unable to thank you enough for how you have changed my life."

—    D.M., 57-year-old man


Watch my IBS-80 Success Story


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"I have learned so much about the items causing me problems and have had a normal month. The first in a long time." 

—   M.S., a 52-year-old man

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